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Organic rosemary (camphor) essential oil

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  • Organic Alcanfor Rosemary Essential Oil is 100% pure and natural,ecologically certified.
  • This essential oil has a pale-yellow color, and delivers a refreshing herbaceous aroma.
  • It is a natural cosmetic product that is appreciated for its benefits in beauty skincare and haircare routines.
  • Well-known in aromatherapy for its stimulating and revitalizing properties, this essential oil increases vitality and improve mood.
  • Vegan and not tested on animals.


Our Organic Alcanfor Rosemary Essential Oil 100% pure and natural is
obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and flowers of ‘Rosmarinus
officinalis’ that means “dew that comes from the sea”. Originally from the
lands bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, it has been very appreciated since ancient Greece and Roman times. This essential oil has an organic
certificate Bio.Inspecta according to the BioVidaSana standard.

INCI:  Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Oil.


Don’t apply directly to your skin. Avoid direct sunlight after application.
Avoid direct contact with your eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Local application. The provided information on properties and utilization of our products is based on traditional and popular use.The benefits of our products can differ depending on the user. This is a cosmetic product. Under no circumstances this product is supposed to cure, mitigate or prevent clinical diseases. If in doubt about any effect, you should consult your doctor or specialist.

Rosemary Essential Oil is rich in vitamins that has a very efficient
antioxidant properties for skincare.Often used in haircare routines, this essential oil is helpful to maintain your hair healthy and vigorousness. Well-known in aromatherapy for its stimulizing and revitalizing properties, this essential oil increases creativity, improves mood and vitality.

You can add some drops of Rosemary Essential Oil in your bath, or in
natural oils and even in body creams.

Haircare:  Add some drops to your usual shampoo or apply as a hair
mask combining Rosemary Essential Oil with organic argan oil or organic
Jojoba oil, and then wash your hair with a soft shampoo and rinse. 

Massage: Combine some essential oil drops with vegetable oil and enjoy
its calming and purifying properties.
We recommend you to use this essential oil with our organic sweet almond
oil or our organic argan oil.

Aromatherapy: Add some drops to an oil diffuser and let its aroma
revitalize your body and your mind and stimulate your senses.

Keep the essential oil in its original container, in a dry and kept away from direct light and heat sources site. 

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